Monday, November 24, 2008

The Brotherhood's Conclusion...

"Why must all good things come to an end?" - Nelly Furtado couldn't have said it better.

We concluded our Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants last night by watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. It was an emotional night filled with friends, candles, and burnt popcorn. Our awesome, white pants traveled the world. They went to Disney World, New York (2x), St. George, Cedar City, Italy, Switzerland, and France.

Traveling the world can take it's toll on a pair of pants, and this was no exception. Our white pants were no longer just white. Since one of the rules of the traveling pants is that they can never be washed, they took on a yellowish tint with splotches of black, gray, brown, and blue. Last night after the movie, the pants got their first wash in almost six months. And how did they turn out??

Before and After
(Slight exaggeration)

Here we all are at the commencement exercises, about six months ago... (Notice Tim's face)

And last night.... (And Justin's in this)

A group of friends brought together by pants...

We are awesome.


Kim said...

I was wondering why you said the other day that you couldn't wash the pants. I didn't even think to ask why. So are you supposed to be America Ferrara or Blake Lively?

BTW, I noticed that my blog is not only named incorrectly on your list, but is also second on the list. Seeing as how I'm your favorite sister and I owe you money that I can choose to withhold, I should probably be moved to first.

obkebe said...

Sarah Jake and Emily all have the exact same face ! ha!

Tim said...

I was mad that I couldnt attend the second meeting. Thats one bad thing about about living in a different town.