Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our final journey...

Our group's final journey together. We've had some good times as you may have seen. Here are a few pictures from our trip the past week:

Oh, Doner Kebabs...

Santiago de Compostela cathedral where all of the pilgrims hike weeks to get to.

I like roofs. What can I say?

This is the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca. In the movie, Vantage Point, some terrorists blew it up. Luckily they fixed it before we got there.


The --supposed-- Holy Grail!


Kamian said...

I'm commenting just because I know you like it and because I'm really sentimental right now. I loved this trip. The end.

Alex said...

Didn't it fly by? Don't you wish you could stay for another 4 months?