Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Smuggling Gang

As part of the amazingly amazing movie club that I am a part of, I've been able to watch several movies that have really grown on me. One that definitely deserves some honorable mention is:

The Brothers Bloom

It's a fantastic movie with n story-line of two brothers working as con artists. They plan a con within a con that ultimately ends up with a great ending. I've watched it several times already and there's always something new that I didn't notice before. It's just like reading the Book of Mormon! Maybe Ill just count this movie as my scripture study.

Also, I really like the soundtrack:

It's a cult classic that probably is not for everyone because of its mildly artsy content and charming nature. But for anyone who hasn't seen it and wants to watch it, let me know and we'll call a movie night.


Kamian said...

Ugh, I hate art and charm. Is that what people who don't like this movie think?

Melissa said...

so meg and i watched this show on jessie's recommendation. i too loved the sound track and the wacky story. i never was too sure what was a con and what was real. a sweet ending.

Jessie said...

best movie ever!