Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After a 6 hour train ride, a rousing game of Scattergories, and much trial and tribulation, Tim, Alina, Megan, and I made it to Valencia! We ran into some Sister missionaries on the way to our hostal and had a good time talking to them. Here is our hostal with the awesome wallpaper
Orange trees line the streets of Valencia, and the worst part? The fruits are the most bitter, sour things on this planet. And Megan and I found out the hard way.

There are still miracles on earth today... In the form of a Double Whammy Banana

One of the most amazing, beautiful man-made places I've ever seen

Us on the beach, despite the cold water, the wind and the stinging sand that came along with it.


Kim said...

I'm glad Scattergories is coming in handy!

Allie said...

I'm honored to receive such a title!

That place with the domes and water is so beautiful! What is it called?

misc. said...

markus malarkus! i love flight of the conchords therefor i love you...but you already knew that :)

misc. said...

I am poking you look at my latest post yo!... please I mean like if you have time and you are so inclined and arent doing anything super important or anything good is on "Stevie the TV" or you have to wash your hair... i'll understand... in time.

Birrell Family said...

We love keeping up with your blog and seeing this part of the world through you. Thanks! Keep it coming. I am glad you are having a wonderful time:)