Sunday, February 1, 2009


Holy Toledo!

This last weekend the whole group made a trip to Toledo. Toledo is known for its history, its marzipan, and its SWORDS. Toledo is famous for its mass productions of swords. They actually supplies many of the Lord of the Rings swords.

There are about 10 stores like this on every block. You may be saying to yourself, "Oh Mark's such an exaggerator!" But no, I am not. There are swords and other sharp things everywhere. I probably spent more time checking out the local weaponry than the local historical sights. And yes, I bought a sword. I need to get a picture of it though. I look like Russell Crowe in Gladiator with it.

Oh, Beautiful Toledo

This is the Cathedral of Toledo. Amazing.

And this is the Alcazar. Closed, but also amazing.

And last but not least, Donor Kebab. An amazing restaurant! In a trip that lasted less than two days, I ate it three times. So good.

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