Monday, March 2, 2009


So a few of us made a trip to Lisbon this last weekend. It was a magical adventure. After we got off the airplane, and found out where our hostal was, we took a taxi ride with a gypsy woman who charged us 20 euros even though the meter said like nine or something. Wench. We then checked into our hostal which was very nice despite the fact that there was a saggy 50-year-old woman walking around at night in a nightgown that succombed to her very unflattering body.

Here we are after checking in to the hostal.

And here I am doing my thang a little later.
They had this crazy, old elevator you could go up in and see all over the city. And that, is exactly what we did.

Here we are riding up to the top

The next day, Jessie and I thought it would be cool to try and feed the pidgeons and see if they would land on us. We bought some stuff that looked like rice but was something different because I heard that rice made pidgeons explode. Unfortunately the little buggers kept their distance. Especially after I tried to grab them.

Here is a pretty cool place called Commerce Square

Here are Ali and I chillin on the steps of the square

Here is the whole group at an awesome castle just outside of Lisbon in Portugal. Probably my favorite one that we've been to thus far. Ali, Lauren, Kimball, Me, Jessie, Ben, Kiley, and Tim.

Also, I have to mention that we were offered drugs over 20 times whilst walking around the city. Just fyi.

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Kelsey said...

So I just thought you might like to know I've been painfully reading your blog... haha and loving it!! It sounds like you're having a fantastic amount of fun! What're you doing there, by the way? Is it a study abroad type of thing? Or a hey-I-just-want-to-do-something-fun type of thing?

Talk to you later!