Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Call

After months of waiting and anticipation, it finally came! My excuse for a two year absence from my normal life. AKA my mission call! I opened it amongst my family today at about noon. And where am I being sent??? Vina del Mar, Chile! Spanish Speaking. August 26. Boo-yah.


JULIE said...

woo woooooooooot!!! Congratulations Mark.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

Congrats Mark, that's wonderful! I am so proud of you and grateful that Tyler has you to hang out with this summer while he awaits his call...I'll keep the oreos stocked!

T said...

I had to find out from your blog!? Lame.

So amazingly awesome that you are going to Chile! Looks like all that Spanish will be paying off.

Buena Suerte!

(My best friend is in Santiago North Chile, I don't think you will ever run into her, but if you do, she is tall, blond, and her name is Sister Arnold.)