Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Florence, AKA Firenze if you're in Italy. Home of the Uffitzi Art Gallery and Michaelangelo's David. After leaving Venice, this is where we ended our Italian travels. We started off by walking from our hotel to see the Duomo. The outside is covered in really cool looking marble panels. See for yourself!

This is actually the Baptistery and the Duomo. The Baptistery is known for it's doors, which depict several stories from the Old Testament.

Here are the doors! These are actually fake ones. The real ones are in a museum behind the Duomo.
Other than just seeing the Duomo, we did go see David, and the Uffizi, and on our final day we took a little trip to Pisa to see the leaning tower!

After a brief visit back to Spain to get our stuff, we ended our European adventure with some Doner Kebabs and Napolitanas. I was sad to go, but just as excited to come back home to America!

Spain wont stay Mark-less forever. I'll be back some day!

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misc. said...

mark we have stood in the same places!!! (just 4 years apart) yay! i went to Florence for a couple a days on my journey to backpack through europe i loved it! but i was young and stupid at the time so i didn't really like the ufitzi gallery on the counta the nakedness.