Monday, May 18, 2009

Sand Dunes

Last weekend some friends and I went to the Sand Dunes for fun, and as a last little activity for Hiram who enters the MTC this week (He gave his farewell talk yesterday, and it was fantastic if I do say so myself). We didn't take any four wheelers or machinery like that besides the car, but we kept ourselves entertained by simply playing in the sand.

We even encountered a tiger!

We hauled a grill along with us, but for some reason, after trying for what seemed like forever, we could not light the dumb charcoal so we took the grate off and balanced it over the fire with a cinder block. We felt pretty innovative.

By the way, those were the most delicious burgers ever.


Birrell Family said...

Great pictures Mark! I like trips that are simple without all the noisy machinery. Hamburgers looked extra yummy. I love the sand dunes before it gets real hot :)

Allie said...

SO FUUUN! That tiger looked pretty vicious; I can't believe you made it out alive.